By Jerry Carter. On June 4, 2014, the Washoe County Business Court entered a Preliminary Injunction enforcing a Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement against a hospital administrator. However, the Business Court Judge reduced the scope of the Agreement to the cardiology administrative services that were performed by the administrator for his former employer. The Court held that the Agreement, “limited to cardiology business practices, is reasonable as to its geographic limitations and time duration.” But: “The limitations as to scope, however, are excessive and unreasonable, and are broader than necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of Renown, and broader than necessary to protect Renown from DeValk from engaging in conduct and activities that he engaged in for and on behalf of Renown, and which conduct and activities also matched what he was doing for the 7-year period at RHP prior to the transaction in which Renown acquired RHP and employed DeValk.” Thus, the Business Court preliminarily enjoined the hospital administrator for the duration of the Agreement from engaging in cardiology services of the type he performed for his former employer.