By Jerry Carter. A Washoe County Business Court Judge entered an Order Granting Motion to Intervene. The lawsuit involves a “One Nevada Transmission Line” project of which the intervenor, Great Basin Transmission South, LLC, is a majority owner. The Court determined that “Great Basin has a substantial interest in the subject matter of this litigation, by virtue of its substantial.undivided 75% ownership interest in the On Line Project, and Great Basin will be unable to protect this interest if it does not intervene in this action. In addition, the Business Court found that “Great Basin’s interest is not adequately protected in this matter” by the other co-owner of the project. Great Basin indicated that it does not believe its interests can be adequately protected by Sierra Pacific, as Great Basin has separately financed its ownership interest, and it is the majority owner of the line and seller of capacity on the line for a fixed term, while Sierra Pacific is a small minority owner and a buyer of capacity on the line. The Court stated: “While Sierra Pacific and Great Basin’s interests may be similar at this time, those interests may diverge at some subsequent point in this litigation, particularly in light of the differing ownership and financing interests described above.”