By Jerry Carter. The Washoe County Business Court entered an Order Denying Motion to Dismiss a lawsuit involving a contract requiring mandatory arbitration. A mining company with operations in Nevada filed suit against an electrical utility company. The mining company also sought a preliminary injunction. Both parties agreed that their dispute is governed by an Interconnection Agreement containing a mandatory arbitration clause. The Interconnection Agreement specifically permits a party to “seek a preliminary injunction or other preliminary judicial relief if, in its judgment, such action is necessary to avoid irreparable damage or to preserve the status quo.” The power company argued that any such relief must be left to an arbitrator or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. However, the Business Court rejected this argument as a matter of law on the basis that it ignored the use of the word “judicial” in the Interconnection Agreement. The Business Court also determined that the mining company adequately pled a claim for equitable relief including a preliminary injunction.