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Tips For Getting Out Of A Non-Compete Agreement

Do you have a non-compete agreement and are looking for a way to break your non-compete?

I want to give you seven tips that you can use that will help you fight the non-compete agreement. 

Hire An Experienced Reno Business Attorney

  1. Have an experienced attorney review your non-compete agreement. Having a qualified attorney is essential because the Nevada legislature changed the rules about non-competes a few years ago. You need an attorney to tell you your new rights and your new responsibilities.
  2. Keep detailed notes of any instance when your employer is breaching the employment agreement or mistreating you as an employee because that’s a significant factor in whether you can break the non-compete agreement.
  3. Don’t download customer information or proprietary information from your employers’ servers on your way out of your current employment. Number one, the employer’s going to know that you did that. And number two, it’s wrong anyway. If you get into litigation over a non-compete, the optics are essential. And if the employer can show that you did something erroneous, the optics will not be suitable for you.
  4. Remember that every text you write or receive, and every email you write or receive, will come out in the event of litigation. These texts and emails live forever, and they won’t stay hidden.
  5. Before talking with your former employer’s customers, speak to your business attorney first. There are rules about how to talk with your former employer’s customers. There’s a way to do it and a way not to do it. It would help if you had that straight. So talk to a business attorney.
  6. If you’re working for a competitor, you need to show your new employer a copy of your non-competition agreement. This step is crucial because you don’t want your new employer to be surprised when it comes out. And also, if you go into employment with everybody understanding the agreement, your new employer is more likely to support you and help you in the event there’s trouble down the road.
  7. Tell your business attorney everything when you talk to your Reno Business Attorney about your non-compete. Whether you think it’s necessary or not, whether it’s embarrassing or not, you can’t be in a position where your attorney gives you advice and then is later surprised to learn that the facts are different. So tell your attorney everything.

If you have any questions about how to go about fighting your non-compete, give us a call here at the Sierra Crest Business Law Group. And we’ll be happy to answer your questions.