Rita Greggio has nearly a decade of litigation experience in various areas of law.  Ms. Greggio’s passion for litigation began in law school, where, as student licensee, she cross-examined witnesses in attorney misconduct trials.

After graduating cum laude from the Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2013, she continued working as a litigator in the field of professional responsibility for three years before relocating to Reno to serve as a Reno Business Attorney.  During the last five years, Ms. Greggio has represented hundreds of clients in cases involving business contracts, consumer transactions, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Ms. Greggio is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Religious Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her hobbies include exploring the spectacular natural wonders of our region on foot, skis, or snowshoes.


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Email: jcarter@sierracrestlaw.com