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If you live in Nevada and are facing the reality of losing a loved one while also dealing with the financial aftermath of your loved one’s estate, let us express our sincerest sympathies for your loss. 

If your loved one passed without an estate plan in place or left only a will behind, you may be aware that the transfer of assets from their estate is temporarily on hold and that you and your family members will have to wait for the Nevada probate courts to assess the estate and make a judgment about how the assets are ultimately distributed. 

While the intention of probate is meant for good, it can place an undue burden on families who are left in limbo for months or longer and forced to jump through a series of legal hoops and requirements without access to the deceased’s funds until a resolution can be reached. You don’t have to go it alone. Call our compassionate Nevada probate lawyers today and see how we can help.

What To Expect In The Probate Process

In Nevada, probate is a court process required to prove the validity of a will (or establish one if no will is found) and distribute the assets of the deceased to conclude the affairs of a person’s estate. This process can take a significant amount of time, money, and emotional energy, especially during a time of mourning. 

Like any legal action, there is a lot of paperwork to correctly complete and file at the court and with other agencies and organizations, as well as a lot of people to communicate with: creditors, banks, insurance companies, and employers (to name only a few). Time also has to be spent attending court to close out the affairs. If a will is contested or claims are made, this can increase the burden, time, and pressure on the family members handling the process. 

Our Nevada probate lawyers, who are familiar with probate procedures, can expedite the process by avoiding mistakes that would likely occur with someone who has no legal knowledge or is inexperienced in these matters.

What Is The Role Of The Executor Or Administrator?

An executor is named in a will and tasked with implementing the testator’s wishes for the distribution of his or her estate after death.

An administrator or representative, in the absence of a will or refusal by the named executor, is appointed by the court to perform the same role. This is usually a family member or other close relative. 

The executor or representative has a number of responsibilities to fulfill, including: 

  • notifying creditors, beneficiaries, and the public 
  • safeguarding and listing assets 
  • obtaining appraisals
  • settling debts with creditors 
  • filing tax returns,
  • paying taxes (including inheritance tax),
  • preparing financial reports,
  • distributing assets to beneficiaries 
  • and closing the estate
  • And more!

If all that sounds like too much to those as you deal with the grief of your loss, we agree. It can be overwhelming for someone to navigate unfamiliar territory while also handling their own daily obligations. People can miss deadlines, do things wrong, or undo the progress they have already made. As overseer of the estate, you may be held liable for any mistakes and open yourself up for potential lawsuits. 

This isn’t something most people volunteer for, and all things considered, it is best left to qualified legal professionals who deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis. Give our Nevada probate lawyers a call today and allow us the privilege of helping your family through this difficult season of life.

Trust Sierra Crest Business Law Group For Probate Help

Our firm has 60+ years of combined experience helping clients in Nevada navigate the rocky legal terrain of probate and can do the same for you. We take great pride in our ability to provide a comprehensive solution to the legal challenges that probate presents and to employ proven strategies to ensure a seamless probate process. We strive to offer our clients a positive experience by demonstrating our knowledge of Nevada’s probate laws and our willingness to accommodate families’ needs, no matter the difficulty! We are dedicated to helping you get to a place where you can focus on what matters most: healing and taking care of yourself. Call Sierra Crest Business Law Group today to request a consultation.

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