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What It Takes To Make A Contract Enforceable

What does it take to make a contract enforceable? When do you need to be concerned about being held to a contract? Is there any way to get out of a contract? The State of Nevada requires four elements when it comes to enforcing a contract. Those four requirements are as follows: An Offer Offer […]
5 Tips For Winning A Contract Lawsuit

Learn 5 Simple Pro Tips To Winning A Contract Court Case

To Win A Contract Court Case, Have a Good Contract A good contract might be more difficult than it seems.  A lot of people create contracts on the internet using a mish-mash of boilerplate language that sounds legal but was not appropriate for the situation.  Start on the right foot by having an experienced attorney, […]
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Does A Living Trust Prevent Probate Court?

When a person who has a living trust dies the family may still need to go to probate court. A living trust is a special vehicle that holds and protects the assets that you accumulated during your lifetime, but it must be used for its intended purpose only. For a trust to work, you have […]
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What Are The Dangers Of Focusing Too Much On Price?

Today, we will answer a question that sometimes isn’t asked but should be. The question is, “What Are The Dangers Of Focusing Too Much On Price?” Of course, we focus on price in many different transactions, but what about dealing with a legal business transaction? In today’s COVID-19 world, an eye-opening article detailed a potential […]
A Man Considering Trust Litigation

What Is Probate & Trust Litigation?

Today we are going to talk about what probate and trust litigation is. In its simplest form, probate and trust litigation address, what happens to a person’s stuff when they die. Probate and trust litigation is about who gets control of a person’s assets and who ultimately receives them as an inheritance. The difference between […]
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Business Liability For Sole Proprietors & General Partnerships

At Sierra Crest Business Law Group, we get many questions from people concerned about being sued personally for things that take place in their business (business liability) . Likewise, we have many unfortunate cases in which a business owner was not worried about being sued personally for something that happened in his or her business […]

What Out Of State Attorney’s Need To Know About Nevada SCR 42

We frequently get requests for information from out-of-state attorneys asking about how to become admitted to practice in Nevada. Most of these inquiries are about appearing in a particular court case or other proceedings in Nevada. I want to address some of those commonly asked questions today. Nevada is an anti-competitive state. To protect in-state […]
Should I Use An Online Business Contract-Template

Can Online Business Contract Templates Be Trusted?

Business owners often wonder if using an online contract template agreement for their business is a good option.  Is it better for them to write their own agreement using an online service or is it better to have an attorney prepare the agreement? As cost-effective as using an online template might appear, there are actually […]

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