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The Three Biggest Risks That Small Business Owners Face Today

Hi, I’m Jerry Carter with the Sierra Crest Business Law Group. We’re a business law firm. We guide small business owners over rocky legal terrain so they can protect and grow their companies. Today, I want to talk about The Three Biggest Risks That Small Business Owners Face Today. Employee Matters So the first business […]
reno business attorney

Does An Out Of State Attorney Need Local Counsel For Nevada Arbitration?

Hi, I’m Jerry Carter with the Sierra Crest Business Law Group. If you’re watching this video, you are an attorney from somewhere other than Nevada, who needs to come to Nevada to participate in an arbitration, on behalf of one of your clients. And a question that we get, from time to time, is does […]

Don’t Let Buying A Business Ruin Your Life

Don’t ruin your life by buying a business without legal help. Here are four issues you may need legal assistance with before purchasing a business. Don’t assume that the stated income is accurate or doesn’t have some caveats. It’s a big problem when you count on revenue, and it doesn’t happen. You may be responsible […]

Tips For Getting Out Of A Non-Compete Agreement

Do you have a non-compete agreement and are looking for a way to break your non-compete? I want to give you seven tips that you can use that will help you fight the non-compete agreement.  Hire An Experienced Reno Business Attorney Have an experienced attorney review your non-compete agreement. Having a qualified attorney is essential […]
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How To Get Rid Of A Business Partner – The Right Way!

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDE: How to Get Rid of a Parasite Business Partner Are you a business owner who has a partner, and you need to get rid of your partner?  If you contemplate getting rid of a business partner, you may find yourself in a dark place, thinking dark thoughts. Common feelings are disillusionment […]
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What It Takes To Make A Contract Enforceable

What does it take to make a contract enforceable? When do you need to be concerned about being held to a contract? Is there any way to get out of a contract? The State of Nevada requires four elements when it comes to enforcing a contract. Those four requirements are as follows: An Offer Offer […]
5 Tips For Winning A Contract Lawsuit

Learn 5 Simple Pro Tips To Winning A Contract Court Case

To Win A Contract Court Case, Have a Good Contract A good contract might be more difficult than it seems.  A lot of people create contracts on the internet using a mish-mash of boilerplate language that sounds legal but was not appropriate for the situation.  Start on the right foot by having an experienced attorney, […]
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Does A Living Trust Prevent Probate Court?

When a person who has a living trust dies the family may still need to go to probate court. A living trust is a special vehicle that holds and protects the assets that you accumulated during your lifetime, but it must be used for its intended purpose only. For a trust to work, you have […]

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