Someone created the trust without the legal authority to do so.

Working off this premise, a person could contest the validity of the entire document. Also, a person could have lacked the mental ability to create such a form. It takes a lot of evidence to win an argument based on the executor’s mental capacity in court.

Someone unduly coerced another into doing so.

A person might have influenced another to distribute assets in a manner that seems out of the ordinary. The lack of free will to create the document can invalidate the document and falls under possible elder abuse.

Violation of fiduciary obligations.

A fiduciary must execute governance and handle the trust’s assets according to directions laid out in the trust. Mishandling the affairs of the trust can open the trust to a legal challenge.

Forged documents.

Forging trust documents is illegal. Forged documents can lead to criminal charges.

Trust litigation in Nevada can be tricky. You have to consider many issues in these types of cases. You should hire an experienced Nevada Trust Attorney to ensure proper representation.