What are some reasons I would want to hire a trust litigation attorney?

Someone created the trust without the legal authority to do so. Working off this premise, a person could contest the validity of the entire document. Also, a person could have lacked the mental ability to create such a form. It takes a lot of evidence to win an argument based on the executor’s mental capacity […]

What Is Trust Litigation?

Trust litigation is the process of filing a civil lawsuit against a trustee due to behavior issues. There can be many causes of this action, and it requires an experienced Trust Litigation Lawyer to navigate all the complexities.

What are Geographical Indicators?

As defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization, “A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.” In order to function as a GI, a sign must identify a product as originating in a given place. […]

What are Industrial Design Rights?

Industrial design rights are intellectual property rights that make the visual design of objects that are not purely utilitarian, exclusive. Thus, an Industrial Design consists of a shape, a composition of a pattern or color, or combinations of pattern and color containing aesthetic value. Industrial Designs can be protected in the United States using Design […]

Why is intellectual property important?

For years Intellectual Property (IP) has been growing in importance. For many companies, their IP is their most valuable asset. For example, Coke’s trademarks and brands are estimated to have a value of $80,000,000,000. Another example is the case of Apple v. Samsung, where a design patent resulted in an astronomical damages award. Even outside […]

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (“IP”) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, and names and images used in commerce. Traditionally, IP falls into one of five categories: Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design Rights and Geographical Indications. United States law focuses on Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks, however, Industrial Designs […]

How to get paid in Nevada as an Investor?

How to get paid in Nevada as an Investor? When you suspect you have suffered an investment loss due to misconduct, you want to consult with an experienced attorney who can react quickly to help you protect your rights. We have successfully represented investors in a broad range of disputes including: Unsuitable investments Unauthorized trading […]

How to get paid in Nevada as a Construction Firm?

You, as a construction contractor, do not have the luxury of relying solely on the good intentions of your owner or general contractor to get paid in full. Things can and do go wrong during the course of a construction project. As a stark example, you may have experienced the year 2008, when developers in […]