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What To Do If An Employee Becomes Competition

Today I want to talk about a scenario that is on the mind of a lot of business owner clients of mine. The situation or question is what happens if I have a key employee who leaves the company and goes into competition with me using all of my tools, tricks, and knowledge against me? […]

Business Court Declines to Enforce a Covenant Not to Compete

Department 7 of the Washoe County Business Court entered a December 5, 2016 Order denying a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction enforcing a former employee’s covenant not to compete. Background The plaintiff was a trading firm engaged in trading, investment, and other business activities in United States, European, and Asian markets. The defendant was […]

Washoe County Business Court Refuses to Enter Preliminary Injunction Against Casino

By Jerry Carter. A Peppermill Casino employee was caught on the premises of Grand Sierra Resort making unauthorized entry into slot machines. Grand Sierra Resort sued the Peppermill Casino and the employee, and sought a preliminary injunction against both. The court granted a preliminary injunction against the employee, but denied the requested preliminary injunction against the Peppermill […]

Washoe County Business Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Enforcing Covenants Not to Compete

By Jerry Carter.  A September 7, 2012 Order offers a glimpse into the circumstances under which a Washoe County Business Court will enforce, at least temporarily, a covenant not to compete.  The Court found that two individuals signed covenants not to compete with the Plaintiff employer for one year following termination of their employment.  The […]

A Business Court’s Acceptance of Campaign Contributions from Affiliates of a Party, Alone, Was Not a Basis on Which to Void the Court’s Orders

By Jerry Carter.  Campaign contributions are a fact of life in a state like Nevada in which judges are elected.  A July 24, 2012 Order reminds us that a judge’s prior acceptance of campaign contributions from affiliates of a current party appearing in his or her court, without more, does not void an order entered by […]

Washoe County Business Court Enters Preliminary Injunction Protecting Proprietary Seal Coat and Formula

By Jerry Carter.  In a July 17, 2012 Order, the Washoe County Business Court granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the licensor of an asphalt emulsion sealcoat formula.  The licensor licensed a formula called “Pitch Black.”  The secret ingredients of the Pitch Black formula include a polymer and a specialty clay.  The licensee conceded […]

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