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What Are The Dangers Of Focusing Too Much On Price?

Today, we will answer a question that sometimes isn’t asked but should be. The question is, “What Are The Dangers Of Focusing Too Much On Price?” Of course, we focus on price in many different transactions, but what about dealing with a legal business transaction? In today’s COVID-19 world, an eye-opening article detailed a potential […]

What Out Of State Attorney’s Need To Know About Nevada SCR 42

We frequently get requests for information from out-of-state attorneys asking about how to become admitted to practice in Nevada. Most of these inquiries are about appearing in a particular court case or other proceedings in Nevada. I want to address some of those commonly asked questions today. Nevada is an anti-competitive state. To protect in-state […]

Should I Represent Myself In Court?

Are you a business owner facing a lawsuit in a court other than a small claims court? Today, we are going to talk about a question I often hear: “Should you try to represent yourself or your business in court?” At Sierra Crest Business Law Group, we have talked with several business owners recently that […]
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Settling A Court Case Versus Going To Court

I’m Jerry Carter with the Sierra Crest Business Law Group. One question clients come to me with is the question of whether it’s better to settle a business dispute or disagreement, or whether it’s better to take the dispute to court. Obviously, the answer to that question depends on many different variables and circumstances.  Today […]

Washoe County Business Court Denies Preliminary Injunction in Franchise Termination Case

In an April 11, 2016 Order, Department 9 of the Washoe County Business Court denied a preliminary injunction sought by a Nevada wine distributor against a California wine producer. The distributor then appealed this decision to the Nevada Supreme Court and sought a “stay,” i.e., the same preliminary injunction pending appeal. The Business Court entered […]

Business Court Case Randomly Reassigned Among All General Jurisdiction Judges After Two Preemptory Challenges Were Exercised

By Jerry Carter. After a business court case was filed, two of the three Washoe County business court judges were preempted by the parties. Rather than automatically automatically assign the case to the remaining business court judge, the Clerk randomly reassigned the business court cases among all remaining general jurisdiction departments. In an Order, the […]

When May The Highest Ranking Officer of a Corporation Be Required to Testify in a Deposition?

By Jerry Carter. From time to time, a party in Business Court litigation will seek to take the deposition of the other party’s highest ranking officer. The party seeking the deposition will insist that the highest ranking officer has relevant information. On the other hand, the highest ranking officer will suggest that he or she […]

Washoe County Business Court Grants Motion to Intervene

By Jerry Carter. A Washoe County Business Court Judge entered an Order Granting Motion to Intervene. The lawsuit involves a “One Nevada Transmission Line” project of which the intervenor, Great Basin Transmission South, LLC, is a majority owner. The Court determined that “Great Basin has a substantial interest in the subject matter of this litigation, by […]

Which Costs Less: Arbitration or Litigation?

By Jerry Carter. has published a study comparing the cost of arbitration with the cost of litigation using outside counsel on an hourly fee basis.  Perhaps surprisingly, this study concludes that litigation in court was less expensive for the cases studied. Unfortunately, few details are provided regarding the cases studied.  Nevertheless, the conclusions of […]

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