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What It Takes To Make A Contract Enforceable

What does it take to make a contract enforceable? When do you need to be concerned about being held to a contract? Is there any way to get out of a contract? The State of Nevada requires four elements when it comes to enforcing a contract. Those four requirements are as follows: An Offer Offer […]
5 Tips For Winning A Contract Lawsuit

Learn 5 Simple Pro Tips To Winning A Contract Court Case

To Win A Contract Court Case, Have a Good Contract A good contract might be more difficult than it seems.  A lot of people create contracts on the internet using a mish-mash of boilerplate language that sounds legal but was not appropriate for the situation.  Start on the right foot by having an experienced attorney, […]
Should I Use An Online Business Contract-Template

Can Online Business Contract Templates Be Trusted?

Business owners often wonder if using an online contract template agreement for their business is a good option.  Is it better for them to write their own agreement using an online service or is it better to have an attorney prepare the agreement? As cost-effective as using an online template might appear, there are actually […]
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Reno Business Sale Attorney Discusses The Four Things You Absolutely Have To Get Right When Selling A Business

If you are looking for a Business Attorney in Reno NV to assist with the sale of a business, Jerry Carter from the Sierra Crest Business Law Group has many years of experience working for both buyers and sellers of prospective companies. When you are thinking about selling your business there are a few things […]
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Legal Options For Contract Fullfillment Failure Due To COVID-19

During this Corona virus pandemic, we’ve received questions from people about how the pandemic affects their contractual obligations.  There’s been a considerable amount of disruption worldwide that can interfere with people’s ability to perform their contracts. Typical problems raised by the Corona virus include business shutdowns, safe distance, social distancing guidelines that prevent certain kinds of […]
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What To Do If An Employee Becomes Competition

Today I want to talk about a scenario that is on the mind of a lot of business owner clients of mine. The situation or question is what happens if I have a key employee who leaves the company and goes into competition with me using all of my tools, tricks, and knowledge against me? […]
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Why You Should Have A Partner Agreement

I’m Jerry Carter with the Sierra Crest Business Law Group. And today, I’m talking about legal disputes between business partners. Some business partners ask the question of how they can anticipate and resolve legal disputes with a business partner before they ever happen? That’s a great question because it shows that you’re taking control. The […]
Nevada Partnership Dispute Attorney

Nevada Business Partner Disputes

At Sierra Crest Business Law Group, we guide small business owners over rocky legal terrain so they can protect and grow their companies. What I want to talk about today are some questions we get from business owners who have partners. These are business owners who think they may have a problem with their partnership […]

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