Entrepreneur Academy

We guide small business owners over rocky legal terrain
so they can protect and grow their companies.

691 Sierra Rose Drive Suite B,
Reno, NV 89511


(775) 448-6070

What The Academy Can Do

Sierra Crest Entrepreneur Academy is established to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 

We provide experienced leadership and management guidance to budding entrepreneurs, executive teams & organizations.

So right now, while it is still fresh in your mind if you are a budding entrepreneur or leader of a start-up or early-stage business looking for support to take your organization to the next level scroll down and give us a call or fill out our web form and we will call you!

  • We Help you design your strategic business
  • Review 7 parts of the business
  • Document Policies
  • How-to manuals for new hire employees.
  • Create office procedures:
  1. Marketing 
  2. Document work flow
  • Understanding profit Margins
  • CEO coaching and training
  • Manager coaching and training
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Annual Vision Meeting
  • Board of Director Meeting
  • Business Legal Protection Program