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Highlands ConstructionHighlands Construction
21:07 18 Sep 23
This firms employees and management are deffinately knowledgeable proffesional and passionate about there workI would go to them if the situation i i needed anything in the future.
darrel shawdarrel shaw
14:36 17 Sep 23
My name is Darrel, I am a client of Sierra Crest Business Law GroupSpecial thanks to all of the employees of the law group who worked on my case, they wrote a contract settlement for a custom motorcycle that I was trying to get built, the motorcycle contractor went over the 1 yr. contract to complete the motorcycle.Sierra Crest goy my deposit back to me.All settlement negotiations was done by attorney Katlyn Mathy who did an excellent job of this settlement, Katlyn Mathyis the best attorney I have ever worked with, she is a great and hard working attorney that never gave up on my request and explained everything to the last detail on settlement, she did it all.Thankyou Sierra CrestDarrel
K. Nicole AndersonK. Nicole Anderson
01:43 03 Sep 23
I came to these people so hurt and so broken and after talking with Norman and Alisha (who are absolutely wonderful btw) i was assured they could help me, I had a good case, tough but def legit. THEN one day I get a call (that I had to pay like $800 for) from my attorneys assistant. They can't help me, there's nothing they can do CUZ I DONT HAVE PROOF, (like receipts and bank statements aren't proof??) to prove what I was saying!! Come to find out, this woman hadn't read ANY of the paperwork I sent, had no idea what i was even talking about and didn't even know I had a coexecutor on my case. You know, The other signature that was on every single court document......I was so upset and felt so unimportant. Like all my issues were perfectly acceptable, like I was wasting their time and like I was stupid. Your seriously going to have somebody call me that hasn't even read any of my paperwork and knows nothing about my case??? WowThat was the last thing I needed. Another person trying to get one over on me. Another person that doesn't care. Another person that wants to treat me like I don't matter. After all that talk and making me feel like I finally had someone that could help me it turns out to be just You know people come to u hurt and to take advantage of someone when they're in that state of mind is just wrong.
J. J. ManganJ. J. Mangan
21:33 22 May 23
Terrific legal team that truly does care about their clients. You are in good hands with this group.
Vivianna PinaVivianna Pina
22:26 12 May 23
Amazing team who truly has the best interest for you and your business! Very fortunate to have found them.
Harold ByunHarold Byun
18:00 08 May 23
Incredibly helpful and responsive firm. Had a great experience working with the team there on some legal matters. They had good responses and were able to navigate some moderate complexities. Would recommend and continue to be a client.
Daniel NovotnikDaniel Novotnik
19:43 10 Feb 23
We had a situation that we did not think we could get resolved. We looked for answers with various companies and they stated that based on the documents and questions we asked, they could not do anything.We contacted Sierra Crest Business Law Group, not only did they do a consultation right away, they were open to any ideas that we had and try to find a way to make it work.They found a solution. Thinking out of the box, they set up a game plan and solved the situation.They are considerate, patient and they listen.We hold Sierra Crest Business Law Group in highest regard and highly recommend them.
180 MPH180 MPH
18:27 10 Feb 23
Working with the people at Sierra Crest has been a pleasure from the very first phone call, felt more like working with family than a Law firm. Jerry, Kirk and staff are a pleasure to do business with.
Lisa PohllLisa Pohll
15:54 08 Jul 22
I love everyone with this firm. Everyone from the attorneys and paralegals to the administrative staff are all incredibly professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Attorneys sometimes get a bad wrap, however I can truly say they put their clients' interests first. I worked with several wonderful people at this firm, but I would also like to give a special shout-out to Rita Greggio, the lead attorney on my case. She is logical, reasonable, professional, accessible and a very nice person to work with. My case was not an easy one, and she helped keep me grounded during stressful moments and brought my case to settlement, thus avoiding further litigation. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Sierra Crest Business Law Group to anyone looking for business law related attorneys - they will do right by you! 5 BIG stars all the way!
Zachariah HillZachariah Hill
14:53 17 Apr 19
Jerry is an amazingly astute business lawyer. He can help with any legal needs relating to your business, be it creating or reviewing contracts and agreements, or for litigation.