1. To Win A Contract Court Case, Have a Good Contract

A good contract might be more difficult than it seems.  A lot of people create contracts on the internet using a mish-mash of boilerplate language that sounds legal but was not appropriate for the situation.  Start on the right foot by having an experienced attorney, who knows what you need in the first place, prepare your contract.

  1. Keep Good Records

Preserve all of your emails, text messages, letters or other written correspondence that is related to your contract dispute. Keep your business documents in order and keep them in a way that you can reach them to turn them over to your attorney when the time comes.

  1. Have an Attorney

Nevada requires that a business entity, such as a corporation or LLC, has to be represented by an attorney when they go to court.  While you can represent yourself in some personal matters, a business entity has to have an attorney speak for them in court.

  1. Tell the Truth

You need to tell the truth to your attorney and don’t leave anything out.  Your attorney can’t protect you from something they don’t know about. It doesn’t matter what reason you’ve given yourself for not sharing that information, trust your attorney.  Your conversation with them is protected by attorney-client confidentiality so give them the complete story.

  1. Keep Your Mouth Shut

This is not a joke.  Don’t go around posting all over social media telling everybody your story.  Everything you say to everybody can later be twisted around and used against you.  While you want to tell your attorney the whole story so they can put together a cohesive, comprehensive package for your contract court case, don’t go spreading your story all around town in a disorganized, inflammatory manner.

If you’ve read this and you’re thinking that your partners would never agree to a shareholder’s agreement, you might already be in a precarious position. The agreement protects everybody involved so if they aren’t excited about the idea of an agreement the situation might already be going downhill.  While you still have the chance, protect yourself and protect your corporation and seek out an experienced attorney to explore what options you do have.

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